The aluminum 3003's alloy component is manganese. It has high processing ability, strong corrosion resistant, good weldability and conductivity.

3003 commercial grade aluminum core is a lightweight core material offering excellent strength and corrosion resistance for industrial applications at low cost. 3003 honeycomb is made from 3003 aluminum alloy foil. This kind of commercial grade honeycomb core is the most commonly used core for making most of aluminum honeycomb panel, used for facade, furniture industry, and so on.

honeycomb core Apllication:

3003 honeycomb uses include air/light directionalization, energy absorption, tooling, ceiling and floor panels, counter tops and other applications for which elevated physical and mechanical properties are not required.

    Honeycomb Features:
  • Use temperatures up to 350°F
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Flame resistant
  • Excellent moisture and corrosion resistance
  • Fungi resistant
  • Low weight / High strength