Aluminium honeycomb quality control

As the most famous aluminium honeycomb producer in South China, HongZan attaches the highest importance to quality and strongly hold the belief of “Never fabricate low quality products, never produce rubbish products”. HongZan strictly follows Germany TUV ISO: 9001:2000 quality management and conducts very hard quality test in every process. We insist on choosing the best aluminium and honeycomb raw materials, developing and purchasing the most advanced equipments, implement the hardest quality standard.

Raw materials quality control

As it is known, Raw materials’ quality determines the finished products’ quality to a great extent. HongZan benchmarks international quality standard to regularly assess all our suppliers, using advanced testing methods and testing system. We have successfully controlled the aluminium honeycomb quality from the source.

Manufacturing process quality control

To safeguard aluminium honeycomb quality, HongZan has invested heavily into the manufacturing equipment and imported some world-famous machinery from Italy, Germany and Taiwan. Thanks to our world-class and precise equipment, we are able to exactly control all the parameters when manufacturing aluminum honeycomb panel, such as lamination temperature, lamination pressure, lamination speed and so on. All of this work is done automatically and scientifically, instead of making production through rough human experience.

Finished products quality control

After the production finishes, HongZan people still strictly follow the international standard to check the aluminium honeycomb panel quality. We promise not to deliver one single disqualified panel to our customer, because westrongly believe that quality is our life, and that customer is the most important asset.