Furniture Aluminum honeycomb panel

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Aluminum honeycomb panel is widely used in furniture industry, suitable for panel-type furniture, such as 18mm or above side panel, face panel, base panel, door panel or partition. The thicker is the panel, the more merits the aluminum honeycomb panel appears to have.

furniture honeycombfurniture aluminum honeycomb panel

Application of aluminum honeycomb panel:

Aluminum honeycomb tabletop, desktop, bar-top, cupboard, door or cabinet.

Strong points of Aluminum honeycomb furniture

1. “Three Proofs”: Moisture proof, Mothproof, Fireproof.

2. Light weight but good strength: The hexagonal honeycomb structure magically reduces the panel weight. This characteristic is especially important for super large, super long, super wide furniture. The finished aluminum honeycomb furniture is no longer cumbersome, but easy to be moved or for transportation from one room to another room.

3. Environmental: Aluminum honeycomb panel doesn’t contain any toxic matters, doesn’t volatilize any poisonous gas to the environment, doesn’t radiate. It is eco-friendly, good to human body, especially for babies.

4. Free of thermal expansion and shrinking effect: Under the changing weather condition, the traditional wooden furniture is easy to become deformed or distort. On the contrast, aluminum honeycomb furniture can keep unchanged even under highly fluctuating weather, thus maintain the original furniture design and prolong the using life span.

5. Easy to be processed into any creative designs or special shapes. The aluminum honeycomb panel is flexible but strong enough thus can be processed into different shapes for some crazy design ideas.

aluminum honeycomb panelfurniture aluminum honeycomb panelfurniture aluminum honeycomb

Dimensions of aluminum honeycomb panel for furniture use

A) Aluminum skin thickness: 0.5--4mm

B) Total Thickness: 4mm….. 600mm

C) Length: 300mm….6000mm

D) Width: 300mm.....1500mm.

E) Special size is available as required.