Aluminum honeycomb panel Introduction

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Aluminum honeycomb panel is a kind of sandwich panel consisting of two aluminum plates as face panels and hexagonal aluminum honeycomb cell as core materials, bonded together by aviation-purpose glue or macromolecule lamination film. Thanks to its superb characteristic of light weight, good strength, hyper flatness, sound and heat proof, aluminum honeycomb panel has transferred from aviation industry’s usage to civil application, and tends to be the most popular light weight panel, widely used in façade cladding industry, interior decoration, ceiling, partition, furniture industry, ship hull building and ship decoration, vehicle building and so on.

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1. Characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panel

A)Excellent strength

Due to honeycomb structure of numerous I shapes, it is especially wind and other pressure resistant, much stronger than other equivalents.

B) Superb flatness

As the two face panels of aluminum honeycomb material is supported by many vertical honeycomb cell with precisely the same height, the panel is extremely flat in any part.

C)Light weight

The honeycomb structure help the panel save much of raw material, therefore greatly reducing the weight of the whole panel. Fifteen mm thick aluminum honeycomb panel with 1mm aluminum face plate, weighs only 6 KG per square meter.

D) Non-combustible or fire retardant

All the composite materials are aluminum, non-combustible, so the aluminum honeycomb panel has good fire retardant property. In any fire break, the aluminum honeycomb panel can retard fire spreading and increase the safety index.

E)Environmental and completely recyclable

HongZan Aluminum honeycomb panel doesn't contain any toxic materials, doesn't radiate, which is an important property for home decoration or furniture making to achieve a healthy environment. Even it is out of usage, almost all the materials can be recycled, thus effectively protecting the environment.

F)Sound proof and thermal insulation

The hexagonal honeycomb structure can absorb sound quite well, good at sound damping and sound proof. Due to the air inside the core structure, aluminum honeycomb panel can retard thermal transmission to some degrees.

2. Materials of HongZan honeycomb panel

A) USA PPG fluorocarbon paint, Sweden Berger fluorocarbon paint
B) USA DuPont Macromolecule sticking film, Japanese Mitsubishi Macromolecule lamination film
C) 3003, 5005 alloy aluminum, /copper/stainless steel
D) World-class honeycomb cell

3. Dimensions of aluminum honeycomb panel

A) Length: 200mm----55000mm
B) Width: 300mm----- 2000mm.
C) Thickness: 4mm…..600mm
D) Special size is available as required.


A) Granite or marble, wood grain, silver/gold brush, mirror faced, chameleon.
B) Any other color or finish which can be imagined by the customer

5.Our honeycomb products series

A) Facade aluminum honeycomb panel
According to individual customer’s requirement, HongZan can tailor the aluminum panels into different thickness for different environment. For high-rise building cladding, we have maximum 600mm thick aluminum honeycomb panel. For low building facade or interior decoration, we have minimum 4mm thick aluminum honeycomb panel.
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B) Furniture use aluminum honeycomb panel
Thanks to its superb strenths, Aluminum honeycomb panel is widely used in furniture industry, for making doors, cabinet, table-top,desktop, interior partition, and so on.
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C) Stone/granite/marble honeycomb panel
HongZan has rich experience in fabricating stone granite marble honeycomb panel. We use aluminum honeycomb as core material, and stone, granite, or marble as face plates to make stone granite marble honeycomb, bonded together through special purpose glue.
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D) Stainless steel honeycomb panel
To save stainless steel, HongZan uses stainless steel as front panels, aluminum honeycomb as core materials, aluminum panel as rear panel. This method greatly saves the expensive stainless steel, while at the same time, the panel has more strong points than pure stainless steel panel.
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E) Ship hull building and ship decoration aluminum honeycomb panel
Since aluminum honeycomb panel is a kind of light-weight but strong panel, and it is water-proof, fireproof, moth-proof, which is highly important for the performance and safety of ships. Aluminum honeycomb panel is widely used in ship or boat manufacturing industry.
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F) Perforated aluminum honeycomb panel ceiling
Aluminum honeycomb ceiling can be perforated to realize sound-absorbing effect. The lifespan can be more than 50 years!
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G) Corrugated aluminum panel
The surface layer of corrugated aluminum composite panel is aluminum alloy sheet, while the central layer is the corrugated core structure made of aluminum, which has excellent rigidity and is the best one of the metallic wall material available today.
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6. Application of aluminum honeycomb panel

  • Façade or curtain wall cladding
  • Interior wall decoration, ceiling
  • Furniture materials, such as tabletop, kitchen washing top, doors
  • Boat hulls and boats decoration
  • Railway floors, doors, interiors, fairing panels
  • Aircraft doors and hatches, floor panels
  • Racing car chassis and body panels