Plastic honeycomb: PP honeycomb, PC honeycomb, PVC honeycomb, PET honeycomb

According to different plastic materials, plastic honeycomb product can be divided into polypropylene honeycomb, PC honeycomb, PVC honeycomb and PET honeycomb. The other plastic materials can be used to manufacture honeycomb, but the above mentioned are the most common ones.

Despite different raw plastic kinds, all the plastic honeycomb has the following unmatched characteristics:

  1. Water resistance. Compared to aluminum or other metal materials, plastic is more water resistant and can be used in any usage where is close to water.
  2. Corrosion resistance. Because of the stable molecule structure of plastic, the plastic honeycomb is acid and alkali, which is unparalleled by any metal materials.
  3. Low cost (Price). The plastic honeycomb price or cost is only one third of other kinds of honeycomb.
  4. Thermal insulation. As it is known, honeycomb core is composed of many empty hexagonal cells, filled with a great deal of air. This special structure makes honeycomb core an insulation materials. Compared with metal honeycomb, plastic honeycomb is superior in thermal insulation, due to the plastic's low thermal conductivity.

Polypropylene honeycomb
Polypropylene honeycomb, also called PP honeycomb or thermoplastic honeycomb, is made from a thermoplastic polymer, polypropylene materials, which can be resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids.

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Polycarbonate honeycomb
Polycarbonate honeycomb, also called PC honeycomb, is made of a kind of versatile, tough and almost unbreakable plastic materials.

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PVC honeycomb
PVC honeycomb is made of Polyvinyl chloride.

PET honeycomb