Polypropylene honeycomb is also called pp honeycomb, plastic honeycomb, or thermoplastic honeycomb. This kind of honeycomb is made of non-toxic, tasteless and low density polypropylene which is good in strength, rigidity and heat resistance. (Traditionally, PP was used in electric products, such as clothes washing machine, microwave and so on.)
Polypropylene honeycombpp honeycomb core

In order to allows better bonding of the polypropylene honeycomb to different panels , pp honeycomb can be pasted with non-woven fabrics on the both sides. To prevent the liquid glue from leaking into the honeycomb cell through non-woven fabrics, usually one layer of PP film can be put under the non-woven fabrics, acting as an barrier between the honeycomb cell and non-woven fabrics. Through this, the composite panel manufacturer can reduce glue consumption.

    PP Polypropylene honeycomb features/characteristics
  • High strength to Weight Ratio
  • Moisture, Chemical, Corrosion, Smoke, and Fire Fungi Resistant
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • good thermal and electric insulator
  • Heat isolation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fungi resistant
  • sandwich skins can be melted to core
  • Tolerable Temperature range:-30°--80°C
  • Small cell sizes at high densities
  • Recyclable

Polypropylene honeycomb specifications, size

Polypropylene honeycomb (PP honeycomb) application or usage