Ship hull building aluminum honeycomb panel (boat building purpose panel)

ship honeycombaluminum honeycomb made ship

Strong points of using aluminum honeycomb as boat or ship making materials

1. Light weight for ship.Weight is an important factor for any ship or boat, especially for high speed ship. Adopting aluminum honeycomb panel as ship hull or interior decoration materials will reduce the ship weight to a great extent, thus increasing the sailing speed, reducing fuel.

2. Fireproofing for ship. Using aluminum honeycomb panel can prevent fire flame from spreading and reduce smoke.

3. Durable and increasing ship life span. Aluminum honeycomb panel is durable and fatigue resistant, impact resistant, weathering resistant.

4. Good decoration effect. The panel surface can be treated into different finish, such as mirror face or wood texture face. It can also be composited with other decoration materials.

5. Moisture proof and moth proof. This property will increase the ship or boat safety index.